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Date: 3 September 2017 09:07 pm (UTC)
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Never claimed otherwise.
– The trouble, of course, with a character who is in certain respects not stupid at all (let’s pretend that I’m talking about story-characters instead of m– … ahem. Anyways. It works in multiple circumstances), is that when their weak point shows up it is that much more remarkable, because of how effortlessly they navigate problems of apparently equal of greater difficulty. I’m in no position to claim that this is unrealistic, clearly. Perhaps I should simply compliment you on the realistic home-hitting portrayal and move on. :)

why do you presume it's the same door?
– Well, if the presence of Caan and the Dalek workshops have already really freaked Roda out, and we know there’s a replica of Skaro behind another door, and there’s a door that the Seeker really doesn’t want Roda to go through, it certainly seemed the simplest conclusion.

So now I’m wondering what could be worse for Roda behind that door than a model of Skaro…

Also liked the parallelism of But she brought the gun. Just in case. and The Seeker grasped the laser. Just in case.

ETA: And, I mean

«Make it worse? What have you got behind there? Skaro?»
He hesitated

could of course be simple misdirection, aiming Chekhov’s gun from the last section of the story in a different direction before firing it off, but, well, it certainly feeds into that being “the logical conclusion anyone would jump to”. (Again, if the Seeker is hesitating not because it’s Skaro the other side of the door but because it’s worse than Skaro and allowing her to believe it’s her worst nightmare would actually be better, I’m really curious as to what is actually behind that door…)
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