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Date: 3 September 2017 07:48 pm (UTC)
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The Seeker noticed the gun, but said nothing.
– Of course he did. (To both halves.)

He hoped that using Caan’s name would help her see how it was different.
– Okay, still in certain respects an idiot, then. I mean, a very clever idiot, obviously, but…

The word was as pointed as an arrow, but he was not going to apologise for being curious.
– Again, both viewpoints totally valid. Which must be quite irritating for both of them.

he swiftly followed her, catching up just as she reached the one door she should have stayed away from.
– Okay, really and seriously here, why, after Jack, is there still a door there? I mean, yes, earlier in the chapter we got the hint about isomorphic controls, more or less. But surely, “Oh, and I keep a replica of Skaro in my TARDIS so that my pet/friend Caan feels less homesick” should be part of the less? And if it wasn’t before the chapters with Jack, surely it should have been made doubly so afterwards?

I mean, obviously, in an Eleventy fairy-tale story, the fact that the door was forbidden would make it absolutely essential, but this is… well, not real life, of course, but at least in theory, or at least the Seeker probably wishes that it were, less of a fairy tale.
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