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Date: 1 September 2017 06:34 am (UTC)
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– Only temporarily deferred, alas, but good for right now.
Yes, and one shouldn't forget that she's a very highly trained soldier... (Everything here is fall-out from the War)

This would theoretically be a clue, if anyone were thinking rationally
... If you mean it's missing on purpose, then yes. I don't think the humans (or Roda) really notice.

– Yep. Really, once Caan appeared, this was inevitable.
All her suspicions confirmed.

– Enjoyed that one with impunity.
Thought you might. *g*

– Which, probably something like 99.9% of the time would be the correct interpretation, too…
Indeed. I think there's Caan. And Rusty.

– Totally valid response, again, almost every single time. Just not this one.
But trusting that this is different is quite a leap...

– Listen, toerag, none of you are actually dead…
Well, the Seeker did point a Dalek at them. It's understandable that he's upset. :)

– Oh, this is going to be good…

– Which, yes, Doctor-from-the-Cartmel-master-plan reference, check.
It is the only time he will ever use that turn of phrase. But he's making a point.

– Precisely how Ten would have put it, too, poor dear.
Precisely hoe he DID put it. See Boxing Day:

“Now I know that children fight. And I know that they’ll say things they don’t mean. But what you must remember Alex, is that you’re different. One day little Geoffrey will grow up and be a proper Lord, that is true. But he is only human, and will soon discover that he can’t just do anything he wants. You, on the other hand, are a Timelord, and you will grow up to wield powers humans can’t dream of. And in time you will meet people far far more stupid and nasty and more intent on making you angry than a ten year old boy... and it’ll be your job to look after them. Despite who they are, sometimes. Do you understand?”

How much more scared might the Captain be right now if the Seeker had said “my uncle, the Doctor”
I don't think they'd have heard of the Doctor to be honest. It's a big universe. But the quote is A+, and exactly how they feel re their fate.

– Yes, he has very nice manners, as I might have mentioned before…
Lucy Saxon's son know how to behave.

– Yep. :)
Yeah, couldn't let that be.

– Perfectly valid.
... *seals lips*
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