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Date: 26 August 2017 09:14 am (UTC)
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You may deserve of him through me, and wisdom
To offer up a weak poor innocent lamb
To appease an angry god.

Oh that's rather perfect. I referred to it as 'the bribery scene' when I wrote it. The girl (young woman) is definitely coerced, has been told to do this 'for the good of her people' etc. She is young, but she is an adult. It's the fact that they keep the younger boy as a backup which is the point when the Seeker of course loses it.

– Curious to learn more, and hoping that all will be revealed, eventually.
All will of course be revealed!

Except the golden bough hesitated in coming to his hand even in that supposedly hero-defining moment and it is a lot more complicated and messy when other people are involved.
Well, the Seeker would very much take issue with the hero title. He'll use it after A Good Day, but it's not how he sees himself. He just wants to find the best and most efficient/effective way of doing things. If 'being a hero' is part of that, great.

– Yes. With world enough and time to learn to trust each other, which presumably is what they’ve run out of at the end of the chapter, they could be really quite amazing.
Alas, it's not even his universe...

I guess a bit of me imagined the Seeker takes the humans away to another human world and then the Crinitus get their planet back
How? They don't want to go. Does he build/steal a spaceship? Herd them all together (through threats of violence, presumably), and put them all in some holding pen in the TARDIS. And then, take them where? Sure, there'll be a lot of planets, but they'll need to start a new society, and they will be hating him every step of the way. Think the lost tribes of Israel, who were whining that they'd rather be back in Egypt as slaves, instead of wandering the desert. These guys would complain that they used to HAVE slaves, now they had NOTHING. The Seeker wouldn't mind, (and wouldn't mind telling them that it was their own doing), but Roda would.

like Tybalt stabbing Mercutio under Romeo’s arm while Romeo thought he was making a peace deal, and that may be the first and only Romeo / Seeker comparison that ever happens. :)
Ha! I like that. :)

I imagine that not wanting to live down to Roda’s fears of him is hindering him from taking that nearest way. The fact that it’s the wrong thing to do also weighs in, I’m sure.
Yes, this. He makes a choice to do it 'the hard way', as a deliberate challenge. Partly because it's something he has always avoided (taking over by force and *making* people behave), but he'd like to see just how difficult it is. After all, he's plenty arrogant. :)
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