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One month, only one month, and he’d reached the end of his tether.
– “And if I did go the whole way, I would just end up murdering my cabinet like dad did. Probably not on the first day, but I’d get there. Please - don’t ever suggest that again.”

Letting go of her before he did any damage, physical or otherwise
– Yes, that’s clearly what he thinks, and what he’s trying to do. Probably not accurate from her point of view.

And, oh, the montage paragraph. Yes, I just went back and re-read chapter 23. Obviously. (“Just ask. It’ll be fine, he’ll laugh it off and tell you you’re being paranoid…” … “Can you take me home now please?” she asked carefully, not hearing much over the oddly loud beating of her heart, and he nodded silently, face like a mask.)

Altruism was clearly a fool’s errand in his case. Too much of his father in him, maybe.

It should probably worry him, but right now he was still too angry.

– He’ll remember it later. Poor lad.

What the hell had this TARDIS thought, bringing him here?
– “No, but I always took you where you needed to go.” He needed to learn this. Or, perhaps, re-learn this: he already understood it back in Dating chapter 13. It hurts like hell, but, as the other poem says, “What would that matter, if it made a good book?”

How could he fix it, if he didn’t know what part was wrong? Unless it was just the humans, being… human.
- As someone who is an engineer instead of a dancer, in a world that needs people to be more instinctive dancers, not more thorough engineers, I have a lot of sympathy for the first part of this sentiment.

Tomorrow he’d need a long chat with Roda. Something had to give, and it’d probably be him. It stung his pride, but he was going to have to admit defeat.
– He is so completely not stupid. Not wise yet either, but you can see him getting there.

Okay, didn’t really follow the Sherwood section, but it was certainly vivid. And obviously the Time Lords would distribute stupidly powerful weapons before what they were afraid might be their final departure. Like dynamiting bridges behind the retreating army...

«But have you talked to them? Any of them? Personally?» she interrupted.

«I’m not here to be their friend,»

– both valid points…

I’m reorganising their whole society and trying to find a way for them to peacefully co-exist with the species they turned into slaves.
– Has this ever worked, in human history, on this short a time scale? I see that apartheid in South Africa was officially 1948-91, so the answer is technically yes. But throughout this story I keep thinking of Jefferson, who has the elevated lines about “eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”, and you think, brilliant, he thinks slavery is bad, though it didn’t stop him keeping slaves, and then you read further and find that while he thought the Blacks shouldn’t be slaves, but should be freed, he also thought that they should then be deported so that they didn’t have to co-exist in the same space, because that would be too hard. I still don’t get why the Seeker didn’t just take the humans away shortly after he arrived. Aside from the fact that he wanted to run the experiment. As Joan said to Ten: “Answer me this. Just one question, that's all. If the Doctor had never visited us, if he'd never chosen this place on a whim, would anybody here have died? (no answer) You can go.” And yes, the Seeker is doing this to learn, and figure out how to do it better, and he will eventually get better at it, and his father would doubtless point out that he is a Time Lord and he has that right, I’m not sure that the rest of the universe agrees with that assessment.

Hmm. No idea how the humans could knock out the Toclafane, but no, this doesn’t look good, does it?
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