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So, I have somehow collected a whole bunch of links again...

The Mary Sue: Twitter Is Letting Us in on All the Infuriating, Ignorant #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear
Complete with complaining manchildren!

Huffington Post: The Activist Artists Behind This Viral Trump Poster Refuse To Have Presidential Amnesia
“These words should haunt President Trump and embolden American women.”

Vox: Why women wore Handmaid's Tale robes in the Texas Senate

Vox: As a woman in science, I need to conceal my femininity to be taken seriously
It’s a thesis I tested myself. It proved true.

The Guardian: Let women eat cake too': why equality is not a zero-sum game

The Sickest Girl
Lena Dunham opens up about her life with endometriosis.

The New Yorker: A Raised Hand
Can a new approach curb domestic homicide?

And finally (and it's related to the one above by subject matter), this story made me furious:

This cricketer beat his wife with his bat. So, why isn’t he going to prison?
Mustafar Bashir subjected his wife to devastating physical attacks, yet has been handed a suspended sentence because the victim was too "intelligent" - also: The Daily Mail reports that Bashir’s lawyer said a jail sentence would prohibit Bashir’s upcoming promotion to a county league team, Leicestershire County.

And then there's the update:

'Cricket-lie' wife attacker Mustafa Bashir jailed
Judge Mansell rejected Bashir's claims, saying: "You were clearly making a claim to court you had a professional cricket contract." Leicestershire CCC accused Bashir of "inventing" the job offer "in order, it would seem, to evade a prison sentence".

In short: He attacked his wife with a cricket bat & forced her to drink bleach, but was spared a custodial term in March as the judge heard he would lose out on a cricket contract. Only when that turned out to be a lie did he go to jail. This is Brock Turner all over again. Why do we live in a world where the career prospects of an abuser are more important than a woman's pain???


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