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This is very brief, and mostly just writing SOMETHING...

Smile (& The Pilot)

Human colonists from the doomed planet Earth do not have an easy time.

I know people have compared Smile to The Happiness Patrol, but in that episode the happiness was politically enforced. This is technology malfunction; a different kind of story.

It’s also a story about the future of the human race:

BILL: I've got to know. The people who came here, were they the last people? Were they our last hope?
DOCTOR: Earth was evacuated. But there were a number of ships. I've bumped into a few of them over the years.

Wonderful gif set here comparing The Beast Below and Smile, and the companions’ reaction to discovering the future of the human race. It’s also worth noting that it’s the first proper adventure for both of them.

Going back to the Classic show, there is of course Ark in Space and Frontios, both of which deal with human colonists from a doomed planet Earth. (There are probably more, those are just the two I happen to know & remember at this point in time.)

And in both stories, the humans are under attack.

So yeah, mini robots that will kill you for being sad seems like par for the course.

I ought write something about seeing and being seen, which was of course one of Twelve’s main themes:

DOCTOR: You can't see me, can you? You look at me, and you can't see me. Have you any idea what that's like? I'm not on the phone, I'm right here, standing in front of you. Please, just, just see me.
Deep Breath

The Doctor noticing Bill, Bill noticing Heather, and then a whole episode about perception and the way we communicate our moods (emojis), and how the technology isn't able to understand things properly.

Also links with 'the Smilers' in The Beast Below and how they too turned nasty. (The Beast Below was a lot more political, and I wonder if anyone's done a proper comparison w/The Happiness Patrol?)

(Also appreciating the Egyptian bits, hoping there will be more of that, and the lack of straight white men.)

The Doctor

The thing that struck me is how someone could go straight from the Seventh or Eighth Doctor and onto Twelve and be none the wiser as to there having been a Time War. (I am sure it’ll be brought up, but it’s a thing in the past, not something for the Doctor to angst over.)

I know I talk a lot about Moffat rebooting the show, but it’s lovely to see it in action. The Doctor is once more the renegade, and he doesn’t particularly like his home or his people. He fits into his university office as snugly as Professor Chronotis did into his in Shada. (You should read Shada because it's very good.)


I like Bill.

I don’t really have any deep thoughts or meaningful things to contribute. I want it to be Saturday so I can watch her again. She’s delightful.

A few Tumblr links, as Tumblr is good at bite-size posts:

Hey, so, um... talk about your handle on Bill. What do you think of her?/half a handle, i said. quicktake guesses

Personal take

Plus one about Heather:
This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!

And finally, the sassy one! ;)


Best quote is by Promethia:

I love how he's like 'so I got beheaded and attached to a robot and then you dug me out and recorporealized me, so let me chide you like a Jewish grandmother.'

I am already looking forward to him meeting Missy: "Oh, you're going to kill me, aren't you? Well, here we go again."

Also good post on how the companions reflect the audience

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Date: 27 April 2017 07:18 pm (UTC)
promethia_tenk: (bill serious)
From: [personal profile] promethia_tenk
I like the extended musings on Bill--it took me a watch or two to catch on to how very little she expects from anyone. And also Nardole as the seasoned audience stand-in is excellent.

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Date: 28 April 2017 06:50 am (UTC)
peasant: sweet pea (Default)
From: [personal profile] peasant
Everyone seems to like Bill but doesn't go into details about why. I am fairly sure I don't like Bill but also can't put my finger on why. Maybe this is a thing. Unless it's the hair - I am sure I find the hair very annoying.

I definitely want more Nardole.

I like your 'being seen' theme.

The Doctor is once more the renegade, and he doesn’t particularly like his home or his people.

It is interesting how people with a serious history with old-Who nearly all speak of the Doctor as a rebel. For me, having only any serious history with new-Who, I have never thought of him that way. For me he is the lonely god, the protector who appears from nowhere and stops terrible things happening when you most need him, the person who can find order and beauty and love in the most desperate situations. I can still see that in Capaldi. He is less sad since the Time War reboot, but that is all. And for me if he is rebelling against something it isn't terribly clear who or what, it feels more like just running away than rebelling or being an actual renegade.

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Date: 30 April 2017 01:51 pm (UTC)
peasant: sweet pea (Default)
From: [personal profile] peasant
Okay, so if that is why you and possibly others like her it makes more sense why I don't. To go through your list:

she's smart, inquisitive
Not really picking up on either. It's a bit tell not show at this point. Hopefully that will improve.

tends to ramble
Definitely one of the things I find most offputting about her personality.

is very personable and approachable
Not relevant to if I like someone.

has not had an easy time of it (mother died young, no father)

but hasn't become bitter or angry
Hadn't really considered that she was in any way entitled to be bitter or angry so the lack of it doesn't really act in her favour for me.

She is terribly excited & happy
The bubbliness is annoying for me. Shades of Rose. I am hoping it wears off soon.

Looking forward to seeing if you'll like her better when her hairstyle changes.
This week was better, next week's previews also look better. I can just about cope with sticking up above, but sticking out to the sides always looks ridiculous to me, regardless of whether it is achieved naturally or by artificial means. Doubtless I was traumatised in my youth by someone in an 18th century wig.

The Time Lords had (and still have, presumably) a strict policy of non-interference.
Maybe I don't see him as a rebel precisely because I don't know what these Time Lord rules of time actually are, so it is hard to see how he is rebelling against them.

On no one's authority but his own, because it's a moral imperative!
One person's moral imperative is another's narrow-minded bigotry. One of the reasons I liked Thin Ice (review to follow when I have time) is because the Doctor rows back from making his own moral pronouncements and lets Bill work through the issues for herself and then choose their actions. That produced a moral crunchiness I liked.

angry at benefits sanctions and the growing inequality
Nope, don't want to talk politics. Basingstoke.

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Date: 28 April 2017 07:13 pm (UTC)
shyfoxling: interior of the 12th Doctor's TARDIS (doctor who (12's tardis))
From: [personal profile] shyfoxling
Bill has already utterly charmed me. She clicks for me in a way Clara never did (I liked Oswin and Victorian Clara was all right, but she quickly got tiresome for me, and by the end of the last series I was plum out of give-a-damn) so I am getting reacquainted with the feeling of looking forward to Doctor Who each week rather than feeling like I have to because I want to keep up on things.


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