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I'm not sure what. So here's a random selection.

Alec Baldwin Just Destroyed Trump & Bannon On SNL
This made me laugh so much that my 15 year old came to ask what the matter was. (Yes you have probably all already seen it.)

And here is a video that... well, was rather prescient:

Donald Trump's Fascist Week: The Daily Show

Via Tumblr:

Before Dr. Seuss did children’s books, he did anti-fascist political cartoons. Remember Trump’s slogan is America First.


People have also been posting festivids links, and oh, there is one for Attack the Block. Perfect, perfect, perfect song:

'When they come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through you first.'

Plus, speaking of movies:

Vox: Some say Hollywood is out of touch with America. 2017's Best Picture nominees say otherwise.
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