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I tend to collect links...

The wages of racism (paid by black people):
The Terror of Kindness: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Overriding Our Cultural Conditioning and Living Beyond Fear

US politics

Why artists’ and writers’ inauguration protests are important

Seth Meyers’s interview with Kellyanne Conway is what late-night hosts should emulate under Trump

Civil rights icon John Lewis just eviscerated Jeff Sessions for his record on race

Cognitive science suggests Trump makes us more accepting of the morally outrageous

The vain, counterproductive myth that there’s no way most Americans can be racist

io9: 10 Discworld Quotes You'll Desperately Need for the Next Four Years

Politico: The 155 Craziest Things Trump Said This Election
(Handy, if arguing on Facebook...)


Carrie Fisher's ashes carried in Prozac-shaped urn (She is still cooler than the rest of the world put together)

Lucasfilm: Carrie Fisher won't be digitally recreated
But - she had already finished filming for the next installment, Star Wars: Episode VIII, due out at the end of the year.

Rage revolution: TV needs far more seething, devastating women like Fleabag

Most Women In Publishing Don’t Have The Luxury Of Being Unlikable

Opinion: Girls Explain Star Wars To You
Rey is given a luxury that comes so easily to male heroes – she simply turns a corner, finds a magical item (Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, no less) and it awakens the Force in her. Just that. No searing infertility, no rape, no revelation of past abuse, no heartbreak, no sacrifice. No heroine who’s validity is defined by what she has sacrificed, in the way of Katniss handing up her life for her sister, becoming a martyr for a revolution. In the way of Ariel, handing over her power to speak in order to walk on land. No poison apple, no needle on a spinning wheel here.

Plus comment from Tumblr:

Seriously, I have heard so many variants, from women who’ve seen it, of “IS THIS WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A TEENAGE BOY IN THE 1980s!?!?”

If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women

Twitter - read the whole tread. It's inspiring and wonderful:


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