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So, today is Miss M's 18th birthday.

(Yes, I know.)

We've had a lovely day, she got a new phone (very shiny etc, she was very pleased), although her favourite presents were Satre's Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology and Political Thinkers: From Socrates to the Present.

Have I mentioned that she wants to study philosophy (preferably at Cambridge)?

Anyway, we went to York for the day and wandered about and had chip butties for lunch and mourned the fact that Christmas Angels is gone (it was the BEST SHOP).

But overall, very nice.

Went home, had some quick pizzas and then had the family descend (family includes a 3 year old, two 4 year olds and a 7 year old, so it was... lively). Had cake etc and are now relaxing.

I should probably do some sort of reflection, but - she's just a good girl. We're lucky. Or maybe being fairly relaxed and trusting that the kids are alright works out well when it comes to parenting. Couldn't be more proud, of course.
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