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First of all: I have not seen Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And I don't know much about the Marvel 'verse except what I've picked up from the movies - and I haven't seen them all. (And it is Marvel, right? Have never read a single issue. I grew up with Asterix & Lucky Luke and Elfquest...)

So I don't know how accurate all the arguments are wrt Natasha's storyline are.

But I read this article with interest: Joss Whedon Calls “Horsesh*t” On Reports He Left Twitter Because Of Militant Feminists.

(Incidentally: 'I haven’t dealt with a lot of [hate], because my fans have always been sweet, erudite, interesting, compassionate people. Like, I don’t know any Buffy trolls.' <- Brb laughing forever.)

There are all sorts of pros & cons and different readings (both of the movie and of what Joss says), but overall, maybe it comes down to the problem of having One Person Represent A Whole Gender...

(Using Torchwood: Children of Earth icon as example of LOTS of different women, with different roles & agendas. <3) (Also, yes, I know adding women is a lot easier when not dealing with already established 'verses. Still. It's an issue.)
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