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Found this on youtube:

And it reminded me of Impish Girl's thoughts on River/Twelve (remember, she is 12 years old):

"Don't get me wrong - Peter Capaldi is awesome. But he is too old and wrinkly to kiss someone as pretty as Alex Kingston."

That's made me chuckle ever since last night.

She also thinks that the old Cybermen were a lot scarier than the new ones, and is not happy that the latest ones take their look from the old show, because now they're creepy again.

Finally, we watched Captain America some weeks ago. At the very beginning - like within the first minute - The Cherub says 'They're going to find a mummy now!' And they did. Comic book movies: You are predictable. Also there was SURPRISE CLARA in a very minor role. I recognised her by her hands. ♥ And when Captain America got his Very Special Shield, the girls decided to dub him and his sidekicks 'The Boomerang Squad'. I like my kids.

Their current favourite thing is Adventure Time. In their world there is nothing better than asking/being asked what time it is, and the answer being a resounding 'ADVENTURE TIME'! (This illustration gives a good idea of what it's like.)

ETA: Forgot about Toasty Kirsty! This is their nickname for Kirsty Allsop (example of her show here). Her co-presenter they've decided to name 'Fairly hairless Phil'. Just wanted to pass it along, as Toasty Kirsty is just a lovely moniker. :)
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